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A Dublin resident for 23 years with two children in the Dublin Unified School District, William Kuo was appointed to the Board of Trustees in 2020 to continue his late wife Catherine Kuo’s term until the next general election in November 2022.  He is running for election to complete the remaining two years of her term and help ensure her legacy.  


Now more than ever we need the EXPERIENCE William brings to the role of Trustee.  He is TRUSTED by the Area 3 community and COMMITTED to serving all Dublin students.  William’s goals include delivering on Catherine’s campaign promises of Equitable Funding Distribution, Improved Safety Procedures and the completion of Emerald High School and now the Boulevard school. William’s tech background with a strong focus on analytical thinking has enabled him to look at budgets and allocations with the long-term goals in mind.  

Paid for by: William Kuo for Dublin Schools - 2022