Where is Trustee Area 3?

Do you live in Area 3?

The DUSD Board of Trustees consists of five elected members, one member elected from each district or area. School board members must reside in their district and are only elected by registered voters living in that same district.  

Area 3 represents “central” Dublin where half of the population lives to the east and the other to west. Area 3 stretches from the Boulevard and BART neighborhoods to the Emerald Glen neighborhoods and then ends east of Tassajara Road near the new Emerald High School. William recognizes that Area 3 interests are unique and diverse and believes that its geographical position in the center of Dublin is symbolic of these interests. Since beginning his term as Area 3 Trustee in 2020, he has been committed to understanding these interests and ensuring that ALL Dublin students can thrive in DUSD.

Click below for a DUSD Trustee Area Map to confirm if you reside in Area 3.